Adoption Process

The adoption game has changed much from what it was a generation ago. It is now highly competitive, expensive and getting more so, and not without risk. Having done our own personal adoptions and knowing the stress involved, we at AdoptionAdvertising do our best to minimize the impact of each of these factors on you, the adoptive parent.

Domestic adoption has always been competitive, but with the recent closure of most of International Adoption, there are many more players in what was always a crowded field.  This has increased the cost of advertising dramatically and hence the overall cost to adoptive parents.  The fact that there are many more prospective adoptive parents than birth mothers means that these pregnant young women call the shots.  They can choose whoever they want to adopt their baby; they can change their mind and they sometimes do.  And as a result, the adoptive parents can lose both financially and emotionally.

But the good news is that if you work through our advertising program, follow our advice, and don't quit, you will get your baby.

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