Adoption Questions and Answers (Q&A)

How long does it usually take to be matched?
This will depend on your budget and other particulars that you may have. In general, for a non-sex specific situation of any race most couples will be matched within 6 months. For each specification that you add (like boy only, late term only, no drug use, race specific, or travelling to birthmother housing) it will take a little longer.

What are the odds of getting our baby?
If you cooperate with us and don’t give up, the odds are 100%. Everyone that has worked with us and not quit has gotten a baby. The overall likelihood of any given situation going through is about 80%, based on the last three years. We have instituted a few new procedures and hope to get that percentage up over 85%.

What are the most common reasons for fall-thrus?
I think the most common reason is adoptive parents hiring the wrong professional. Getting someone that knows what they are doing makes all the difference. Second, we find the birthmothers that legitimately change their mind are about as common as scammers. An experienced professional will recognize some (but not all) of these patterns in birthmothers. The next biggest problem is what we call mis-managed cases. This is when a professional makes a blunder undermining what looks to be a good situation.

How many of your situations are Caucasian?
Approximately 70% to 80% of our birthmothers that place are expecting Caucasian babies. This includes Caucasian / Hispanic mixes. The balance are minority with a few special needs situations.

What is an average breakdown of fees in an adoption? How much are they?
When are they due?

Once you have your homestudy done expect to pay fees in the following areas:

1) Advertising—someone has to find a birthmother willing to do an adoption plan that wants to work with you. Advertising is expensive and complicated. Some agencies bundle it in their “agency fee.” Typically, expect to pay 1/3 - 1/2 of the total cost of your adoption in advertising. Some professionals charge before you match; others, like us, charge after you have been picked by a birthmother.

2) Legal / Social work—either an attorney or a licensed agency must do the necessary legal work. Each state has its own rules and each birthmother must have a professional local to her handling the necessary legal work and dispensing necessary finances. The legal and social work fees are usually bundled together. These fees are usually due as soon as you hire this professional. Expect 1/3 of your total adoption cost will be in the category.

3) Living expenses—most states allow for birthmothers to receive assistance in basic living expenses. This is dispensed by the professional handling your birthmother’s legal work. Some states do not allow any; others cap these expenses at a few thousand dollars; in other states this expense can total up to 1/3 of the cost of your adoption. This money is put into escrow and dispensed monthly. Birth mother travel expenses are included in this category.

4) Finalization—this is the legal process that officially changes the baby’s name and finalizes the adoption. It usually occurs six months after your birthmother signs surrenders, but in some states it occurs as early as six weeks after surrenders. This fee is usually bundled in with the other legal work if you finalize your adoption in the state where the birthmother signs. If you finalize in your home state, you can expect to pay a little more.

These fees vary greatly from state to state and even within a given city. Some states require more paperwork or legal work in an adoption and consequently fees are higher. In some areas competition works to keep prices down.

Why should I pay to use your advertising services?
You can do it yourself if you have the time, expertise and the interpersonal skills. Advertising is expensive and you can lose precious time and money with calls from girls that are not serious or are malicious scammers. Most scammers know that adoptive parents are vulnerable and specifically look for them. These scammers steer away from working with experienced professionals that are likely to expose them. We have learned from experience how to weed out troublesome situations. Also, most couples that use our services are matched quickly and you will have a much wider choice of birthmothers than if you were doing your own advertising.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of matching with a birthmother early in her pregnancy?
There is less competition for birthmothers in their second trimester than those in their third. You do have to wait longer and there may be more living expenses, but statistically there is not much difference in their rate of placement. There are several advantages: you get a chance to know the birthmother better and build a good relationship with her. This will allow access to a wealth of information about your child’s background that a late term situation may not.

How often do you have twins?
Each year we have 3 to 5 birthmothers carrying twins. That is equally divided among AfroAmerican, biracial and Caucasian situations.

How do we begin working with AdoptionAdvertising Service?
Read and study this website. When you’re ready fill out an adoptive parent intake and submit it to us. We will then contact you and answer any remaining questions that you have. If you wish to work with us and we feel we can work effectively with you, then you will go into our pool of prospective adoptive couples.