Minority Adoptions

Afro-American Adoptions
We have a special heart of minority adoptions because our personal adoptions have been AfroAmerican, Biracial and Special needs. In fact, we are one of the few professionals that regularly work with minority situations and have been doing it since we began our own adoptions so twenty years ago. We treat all birth mothers with the same respect regardless of race and strive to find just the right family as if their situation was the only one we were dealing with.

Unlike times past minority adoptions are not longer rare. They have gotten more popular recently for a couple of reasons: first, international adoption has for the most part closed down and couples that previously would have adopted overseas are now having to adopt domestically. Second, there has been much media attention given to interracial celebrity adoption. But because there are still fewer families willing to adopt across the color line, and in general they have less to spend on adoption, we have reduced our fees considerably to make sure every child gets a loving family.

Biracial Adoptions
From experience we have found that biracial situations have an usually high placement percentage. Biracial (Caucasian/Afro-American) children are awful cute, too. It is sad that we do not have more adoptive couples wishing to adopt these mixed race children.

For reasons that I’m not sure that we can explain, most of our birth mothers expecting biracial babies that are serious enough to match do follow through and place. Again, our fees are reduced and many professionals doing the legal work will do the same. We usually try to put a cap on living expenses to keep these situations affordable.