Adoption Roll Over Policy

We want every adoptive couple that we work with to get a baby
But we also understand that occasionally this does not always happen on the first try. Our advertising fee includes a roll-over to another similar situation if the birthmother you are working with does not place or the baby born has certain serious medical conditions. Please read our receipt carefully. You must comply with those terms to qualify for a roll-over.

We can also refund part of our fee is you decide you do not want to adopt or find another situation through someone else. Again, make sure you understand our terms.

If There Are Problems
If at birth you find out that there is a problem with the baby (i.e. it is biracial instead of Caucasian or there was heavy, unexpected drug use or other unanticipated medical issues), do not walk out of the hospital or say something to affront the birth mother. These kinds of things occasionally happen.

The best thing you can do is cooperate with us. If you will call us ASAP, we will handle the situation. Often we can get your living expenses and legal fees completely or partially reimbursed if we can find the right family. We can even find a family for a child that is seriously handicapped. But if you alienate the birth mother–even if you think she lied to you–you seriously reduce the chances of anything positive happening.

It Can Happen To You
Fall-thrus can happen even when everything looks right. Treat a birth mother pulling out of her adoption plan as a miscarriage. If she changes her mind after birth, consider it as a stillbirth. These are emotionally traumatic. Allow yourself time to grieve. Plan on taking off several weeks to several months from your plan to adopt.

Taking time off to grieve is important. It allows you time to recoup emotionally and financially. It also allows you to let the old situation go. You do not want to transpose any negative feelings you have for your old birth mother onto your new one.

Reassess Things And Try Again
After a fall-thru and time off to grieve, we are ready when you are ready. Keep in mind that we have learned a few things about you and what kind of situation will most likely succeed for you. We will again begin looking for another situation for you. This may take some time depending on your finances and what kind of situation will work best for you.

We do give priority with low cost situations to couples that have had serious financial loses with a fall-thru, but also keep in mind that last minute situations are inherently unstable and entail certain risks, e.g. unknown birth father issues, possible drug use, CPS involvement, etc. If you cannot handle these kinds of unknowns do not consider yourself for a last minute situation.